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Young Leaders In Service

Young Leaders in Service is a way of recognising our young ‘unsung heroes’. Young people aged 11-18 who volunteer in their local community regularly for 12 months.

They may be a young carer, a member of the St. John’s Ambulance Brigade, a leader in a Brownie or Beaver group or involved with helping the elderly. There are as many ways to help others as there are other people!

An interested Lions Club can take the idea into local Charities, Schools, Clubs, Churches, Youth Clubs or similar places. If a Club can find some young people who would like to have a go, then the, ‘how to do it’ is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. A Young Person keeps a log of the hours they spend in voluntary service and get it agreed by an adult who knows, such as a group leader, a teacher or social worker.

2. The log books and form YLiS2 are returned to the Lions Club who check they are completed correctly. Completed log books and forms YLiS2 and YLiS3 are sent to Lion Jess who applies for the Certificates.

3. The Club then arranges to handover the Certificates at perhaps an awards ceremony, or maybe at a Club meeting or event. This may provide an opportunity to invite others to join in the celebration and get a photograph in the local paper and encourage more young people to join this project……..and consider Lions?

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